Meade TV 101


      Hi and welcome to the new Meade TV Weblog.  I’m Bryan Spann, producer/director of Meade TV.  I’m part of the Ft. Meade Public Affairs staff.  This blog is for all members of the Ft. Meade community, hopefully, people will log on, take a look at the videos and postings, and then participate by making comments, suggestions or criticism.  The whole idea is to get people involved and provide feedback on what’s happening on post!

       Every Monday, Meade TV will post a five minute video covering upcoming events for the week.  Right now, I cover events important to the command, but with an active blog and community feedback, I can cover stories that I might not normally hear about or those of greater interest to the community.

       This first episode of the “New Meade Week” is a behind the scenes look at Meade TV and details how the public affairs office can help you either publicize your event, provide news coverage or recognition for top performers.  I don’t imagine that the blog will evolve exactly the way I envision, and that’s a good thing.  It’s for the community and hopefully, I’ll just be the moderator. 

      So, I invite you to join me in the blogosphere, and like I say in the video, we can have a little fun and maybe, just maybe make a difference. 


4 Responses to Meade TV 101

  1. Hey, great site. It’s so nice to have a single location to find out all the news and information about the Fort Meade community. With the advent of BRAC and EUL, I know there are many changes coming to the area. It’s great to have a location where we can keep track of those changes.

    Thanks again!

  2. meadetv says:

    Thanks Harry, we are in the middle of a lot of changes at Ft. Meade, with more coming. I’m hoping the weblog will help concentrate our publicity efforts to find out what really is important to the community.

  3. Chris says:

    Hi! I Googled the Ft Meade site searching for some Army PT shirts for my brother who’s currently deployed & look what I found! I totally wanna lift what you all are doing. How do you get the video to load so quickly & what are you shooting & editing with? I’d like to set up to produce something similar.

    Thanks for your time & help & the blog looks great!

    –Chris (Englert) Sukach

  4. meadetv says:

    Hi, Chris. just send me an e-mail and I’ll give you all the particulars.

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