Are you a true golf fan?

     People who watch golf can be roughly divided into two camps, the first being those that will watch golf any time day or night and the Golf Channel is on their favorites list.  The second group only watches when Tiger Woods is playing and is in contention.  As everyone knows, Tiger had season-ending knee surgery and isn’t playing at this week’s British Open.  The question on everyone’s mind is, does anyone care beyond the other 154 golfers knocking it around Royal Birkdale this week?  I was a golf fan before Tiger came along, but I’ve found myself inching towards to the above-named second group.  I guess I’m waiting for a story to come along that can compete with Tigermania.  Will Sergio make a major breakthrough, will Phil take away the number one ranking, will Ernie finally let go of the ghosts of Tiger beatings past?  If you need more than than to watch golf sans el Tigre’, then check out the early scores.  It’s Thursday morning EST, and Phil is sitting at 8-over-par, Ernie at 9-over, and Vijay at 11-over!  These guys have been, at one time or another, Tiger’s main rival on tour.  I want to tune in just to see the bloodbath!  It’s kind of like NASCAR going to Scotland, and waiting for the inevitable train wreck.  It’s not Tiger lapping the field this week, but with these conditions watching the next best players in the world hack it around might just be worth tuning in to see.


One Response to Are you a true golf fan?

  1. meadetv says:

    You’re absolutely right. I think Harrington vs Woods next year at the British will be very exciting. But, I’m betting on Anthony Kim to be the biggest non-Woods story going into the rest of the season. He seems to know how to win, despite his final round at the Canadian.

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