Meade Week Dec. 1, 2008

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Well, that didn’t take long.  It’s good to see somone with some Army pride on an Army installation.  I do have to mention that  the sign was up for hours.  If the Navy folks need the identity of the perpetrator, I have a price.  I will say that it took a civilian to stand up for the Army.

Army takes its revenge

Army takes its revenge


I’m retired Air Force, so I rarely get involved in these things.  But, as an Army civilian, working next to the garrison headquarters, I felt that this needed to be shown.  Somebody out there needs to do something!



Here’s this week’s edition of Meade Week!

On this edition, Fort Meade’s ACS and family readiness groups, the Army and RPC, Adopt-an-Angel is in full swing, a report on the Meade High Signature Schools program, and the Meade TV off-duty pick of the week.  All of this and more on Ft. Meade’s source for news, “Meade Week”!

 This just in, another off-duty pick for the week!  :rockettes21


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