Meade Week, Jan.26th, 2009

(Scroll down page for some important messages!)

On this edition of Meade Week, Fort Meade kids participate in Inauguration festivities, the Army Chief of Staff visits Fort Meade, a conversation with the 70th Intel Wing Commander, and our Meade TV off-duty pick of the week.  All of this and more on this week’s Meade Week!


The United States Army Field Band




with guest conductor

Stephen Pratt, Director of Bands—Indiana University School of Music


Saturday, January 31, 2009

7:30 P.M.

Jim Rouse Theatre, Wilde Lake High School

Columbia, Maryland


*No Tickets Required

For more information, and directions, go to










FRIDAY, JANUARY 30TH from 6pm until 10pm


Bring your best chili to the Camp Meade RV Park!

Win Prizes and Bragging Rights!


Call Stacey Echard at 301-677-6447 to get your chili into the competition.



2 Responses to Meade Week, Jan.26th, 2009

  1. Chad Jones says:

    Good cast Bryan. No picks on the Super Bowl

  2. meadetv says:

    Super Bowl Pick: Arizona! I know the conventional wisdom, nevermind the oddsmakers in Vegas, says that the Steelers will absolutely kill the Cardinals. And if I was a betting man, it would be all Pittsburgh. However, how you can root for a team that has been to the Super Bowl 7 other times over a team than hadn’t won a road playoff game of any kind since the 40’s!? In professional sports, only the Chicago Cubs have suffered longer than the Chicago/St. Louis/Arizona Cardinals. I gotta root for the underdog, although it is one of gigantic proportion. Anyways, I haven’t like the Steelers since the Raiders got jobbed after the 1972 Franco Harris immaculate reception. Go Cardinals!

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