Meade Week, March 16th, 2009

Meade Week is coming soon!  Stay Tuned!  Meanwhile, you can get in on the first ever Meade TV NCAA Tournament Challenge.  Just click on the link below, fill out the bracket, and e-mail it back to me at, or just click on the e-mail link on the right hand side of the page!     There will be prizes, I’ll have details later today.  These are the rules: you must be a DOD ID cardholder, you or your sponsor must be assigned to Ft. Meade, NSA, or the Reserve Center.  The tiebreaker is the total score of the final game.  Only one entry per email address.   The point system is simple, one point for first round games, doubling thereafter, with the championship game being worth 32 points.  Good luck!  Here’s the link: 

Again, just download the excel spreadsheet and then e-mail the filled out bracket to or click on the e-mail link in the right margin.  Don’t forget to include the final score in your e-mail, just in case there’s a tie.


Here’s this week’s Meade Week:  On this edition, we focus on suicide prevention, a Ft. Meade Teen is Maryland’s youth of the year, Play the first annual Meade TV March Madness Challenge, our off-duty pick of the week and more……!


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