Meade TV NCAA Challenge

**Play the Meade TV NCAA Tournament Challenge.  Download your bracket, fill it out and e-mail it to Prizes furnished by FMWR.  These are the rules: you must be a DOD ID cardholder, you or your sponsor must be assigned to Ft. Meade, NSA, or the Reserve Center.  The tiebreaker is the total score of the final game.  Only one entry per email address.   The point system is simple, one point for first round games, doubling thereafter, with the championship game being worth 32 points.

Here’s the link:

Don’t forget to include the championship game score in your e-mail, that’s the tiebreaker.

Here are my picks, hate to outpoint everyone in my own contest, but here it is: spannbracket


11 Responses to Meade TV NCAA Challenge

  1. […] you’re reading this before noon on Thursday you still have time to go to     and register for the Meade TV Bracket challenge.  Our friends at MWR have hooked us up […]

  2. Chad Jones says:

    Where are the picks? My are here for the world to see.

  3. meadetv says:

    Well, the brackets are in, first round games are underway and here’s the Meade TV NCAA challenge brackets by the numbers. First a couple of observations; I know we’re in Maryland, but they do play basketball outside the Big East and the ACC. PAC-10 regular season champion Washington gets to the Final Four on exactly one, I repeat one of your brackets. UCLA, the second place PAC-10 team and Final Four participant in each of the last 3 years got absolutely zero love from this pool with no one thinking the Bruins can make it four in a row. I thought the east coast bias only existed in college football. Anyway, what teams did the pool select for the Final Four?

    Louisville – 72% (I guess the Midwest region was the easiest to pick, the Cards get the most love.)
    N. Carolina – 56% (Hansborough will ride the refs all the way to Detroit.)
    Pittsburgh – 56% (UCONN hopes that Pitt gets eliminated, they’re the only team the Huskies can’t seem to match up with.
    Memphis – 50% (The Tigers look for redemption after falling short a year ago.)
    UCONN – 34% (Surprising, the Huskies are the Vegas favorite—by a lot. Those of you who did take UCONN are also probably happy.)
    No one else got more than 13% of the selections.

    How about the National Champion? Here in ACC country, the Tarheels are the runaway favorite to win it all, named as the eventual champion by almost 1/3 of the pool. No other team got more than 18% of the vote (Louisville).

    One final note, for those of you who put Robert Morriss, Virginia Commonwealth, or Butler in your final four, there’s always next year.

  4. meadetv says:

    After the first day of competition, there’s not a whole lot of separation. There were few upsets, with Western Kentucky’s win over the Illini tripping up almost everyone. It’s early days, but Teresa C. from DINFOS and Dan W. from PAIO have taken the lead getting 15 of 16 first day games correct! I’m included in a big pack of folks with 14 correct picks. Our fearless leader, Mr. Jibber Jabber himself, he came in with a pedestrian 12 correct. The first round continues today, I’ll post results of our little horse race after each day’s play, so check back this weekend to see how you’re doing. Oh…have a great Meade Week..end!

  5. meadetv says:

    We’re down to the Sweet 16 (although it was a sour weekend for the MeadeTV bracket). With so many favorites reaching the Sweet 16, a lot of folks came back from mediocre first rounds to move up the leaderboard: I’m listing points, # correct, & eventual championship pick. Here are the top 15 plus ties:

    1. Brian H. 54 pts, 39/48, Pitt
    1. Greg H. 54 pts, 39/48, North Carolina
    3. Brad L. 52 pts, 37/48, UCONN
    4. Teresa C. 51 pts, 38/48, North Carolina
    5. Aszure G. 51 pts, 37/48, Louisville
    5. Matt W. 51 pts, 37/48, Pitt
    7. Tony S. 50 pts, 37/48, North Carolina
    8. Angela C. 50 pts, 36/48, North Carolina
    8. Alan D. 50 pts, 36/48, Louisville
    10.Dan W. 49 pts, 37/38, Memphis
    11.Dwayne T. 49 pts, 36/48, Louisville
    11.Dan V. 49 pts, 36/48, Louisville
    13.Tabitha C. 48 pts, 36/48, North Carolina
    13.Jim R. 48 pts, 36/48, UCONN
    13.Rick H. 48 pts, 36/48, Louisville
    16.Raul S. 48 pts, 35/48, North Carolina
    16.Jean Y. 48 pts, 35/48, North Carolina

  6. Chad Jones says:

    All you Louisville and UNC fans are in line for some serious dissapointment this weekend.

  7. meadetv says:

    After the first night of the Sweet 16, we have an undisputed leader in Greg H. Just about everyone that took Villanova and/or Missouri in this round moved up nicely. The biggest mover was Sean L. who went 4-for-4. There are a lot of new names in the Top-15. Here are the updated standings:

    1. Greg H. 66 pts, 42/52, North Carolina
    2. Brian H. 62 pts, 41/52 Pitt
    3. Sean L. 61 pts, 37/52 Utah
    4. Jim R. 60 pts, 39/52, UCONN
    4. Bradley L. 60 pts, 39/52, UCONN
    5. Teresa C. 59 pts, 40/52, North Carolina
    7. Aszure G. 59 pts, 39/42, Louisville
    7. Matthew W. 59 pts, 39/52, Pitt
    9. Tony S. 58 pts, 39/52, North Carolina
    10. Angela C. 58 pts, 38/52, North Carolina
    10. Alan D. 58 pts, 38/52, Louisville
    12. Dwayne T. 57 pts, 38/52, Louisville
    12. Dan V. 57 pts, 38/52, Louisville
    14. Doug W. 57 pts, 36/52, Pitt
    15. Tabitha C. 56 pts, 38/48, Louisville

  8. meadetv says:

    We’re down to the final four and after the weekend, there’s a big shake-up in the standings. Here are the top-15, there are a couple of others outside this list that could potentially win, namely anyone that has Michigan St. advancing to the championship game or winning it all. Good luck!

    1. Greg H. 94 pts, 47/60, North Carolina
    2. Alan D. 90 pts, 44/60, Louisville
    3. Angela C. 86 pts, 43/60, North Carolina
    4. Bradley L. 84 pts, 43/60, UCONN
    4. Jim R. 84 pts, 43/60, UCONN
    6. Raul S. 84 pts, 42/60, North Carolina
    7. Jean Y. 84 pts, 42/60, North Carolina
    8. Terrence H. 83 pts, 42/60, Pitt
    9. Sean L. 81 pts, 40/60, Utah
    10. Anthony G. 80 pts, 40/60, North Carolina
    11. Matthew W. 79 pts, 43/60, Pitt
    12. Aszure G. 79 pts, 42/60, Louisville
    13. Brian H. 78 pts, 44/60, Pitt
    14. Tony S. 78 pts, 43/60, North Carolina
    15. Tabitha C. 76 pts, 42/60, North Carolina

  9. meadetv says:

    After the Final Four weekend, Greg H. continues to lead the pack, but it’s not over yet. Obviously if North Carolina wins, it’s Greg H. easily. But if you scroll down the list, there are two who have Michigan St. as the National Champion. Jibber (who of course is the Soundoff columnist who’s knows little of sports) could, heaven forbid, take the top spot with a Spartan win. And Charles B. could sneak into the top 3 with a Michigan St. victory. Jibber, of course, isn’t eligible to win any prizes, so if Michigan St. wins, places 2 & 3 move up. This is all moot of course, if N. Carolina wins.

    1. Greg H. 110 pts, 48/62, North Carolina
    2. Angela C. 102 pts, 44/62, North Carolina
    3. Jean Y. 100 pts, 43/62 North Carolina
    4. Raul S. 100 pts, 43/62, North Carolina
    5. Sean L. 97 pts, 41/62, Utah
    6. Anthony G. 96 pts, 41/62, North Carolina
    7. Tony S. 94 pts, 44/62, North Carolina
    8. Frankie W. 94 pts, 41/62, North Carolina
    9. Tabitha C. 92 pts, 43/62, North Carolina
    10. Raymond S. 92 pts, 40/62, UCONN
    11. Teresa C. 91 pts, 44/62, North Carolina
    12. Corey J. 91 pts, 42/62, North Carolina
    13. Alan D. 90 pts, 44/62, Louisville
    14. Jibber Jabber 87 pts, 39/62, Michigan St.
    15. Bradley L. 84 pts, 43/62, UCONN
    *** Charles B. 72 pts, 36/62, Michigan St.

  10. meadetv says:

    The 1st Annual Meade TV NCAA Tournament challenge is in the books. Greg H. of DINFOS led the field from wire-to-wire. For his prognostication prowess, he will receive two tickets to see the Orioles at Camden Yards. Our second place prize winner is Angela C. She wins a free round of golf with golf cart rental. The third place winner came down to a tiebreaker. Raul S. was actually just one point off the total score. In any case he wins 2-2 game passes at the Lanes. Congratulations to all the winners. We had close to 50 entries, so we hope to run another contest soon. Fantasy Golf anyone? Before we wrap it, I want to thank the folks at FMWR who helped make our contest a great success and of course the prizes!

  11. […] you’re reading this before noon on Thursday you still have time to go to     and register for the Meade TV Bracket challenge.  Our friends at MWR have hooked us up […]

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