Meade Week, Sept. 21, 2009

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On this edition:  Schools and H1N1, Fort Meade Burger King getting a make-over, the Ft. Meade pavilion goes to the dogs, our Meade TV off-duty pick of the week and more!



The Fort Meade Installation through the Child, Youth and School Services is hosting the Anne Arundel County Annual Special Olympics Soccer Qualifying Tournament.  Over 250 Special Olympic Athletes will be representing their respective counties in this very special event.


DATE:     Sunday – 4 Oct 2009

TIME:     0830-1600 Hours

LOCATION:  Youth Sports Outdoor Complex

VOLUNTEER DUTIES:  Team Registrations – Award Presenters, Skills Helpers, Scores and Timers, Concession, Ball Chasers and Referees.

Note Referees do not need to be experienced referees.  Knowledge of the game and the rules are important.  Rules are modified and will be briefed to all referees.

Volunteer as a family, Volunteer Individually – PLEASE VOLUNTEER

Those that volunteer will be required to attend a Special Olympic orientation briefing on 1 Oct at 1800 hours.  The orientation will be conducted on the Youth Sports Outdoor Sports complex located on Ernie Pyle and Reece Rd’s.  This briefing is a Special Olympic.

Let’s show our surrounding communities how special FORT MEADE and its’ FAMLIES are – VOLUNTEER.

Please contact Bo Lepinsky, CYSS Sports and Director, at one of the following:

Duty Phone:  301-677-1329/1179 (if no answer please leave your name and number).   Cell Phone:  240-375-9107 (any time)



Flyer Fire Prevention Open House 2009


Oct 17th Ft Meade BBQ Flyer


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