Meade Week, Feb. 22, 2010

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On this edition of Meade Week, Fort Meade digs out from the blizzards of 2010, Emergency response personnel on duty during the storm, Ft. Meade’s Freedom Inn opened its doors to everyone, filing a claim for storm damage.  These stories and more on Meade Week.

**Transcript of Meade Week available here:  MW-022210


**Information about Prorated Child Care Fees as a result of the 2010 Blizzard: 

Each of the Fort Meade Child, Youth and School Services programs had different snow related circumstances.  As a result, we were able to determine that some weather related reductions in service warranted a credit and others did not. 

Just as most of our customers were still receiving pay while offices were closed, we continued to pay our child care givers during the weather closures.  Once the installation offices and services were reopened, all CDCs reopened, therefore, all regular child care programs (CDC’s, SAS, Middle School) were not prorated or credited.    

The CDC Part-Day Pre-School (PDPS) program located in the SAS facility, missed a total of nine days. Four days were as a result of installation closures. The PDPS program could not operate for five additional days due to a conflict with facility space and PDPS remained closed while the installation was back at work.  We credited PDPS families for the five days in which their facility was unavailable while the installation was open.  

The Sports program rescheduled games missed, therefore sports was not prorated or credited.  

SKIES classes that were able to be rescheduled we not given a credit.  SKIES Creative Movement held in CDC and Tumbling class held in the Youth Center could not be rescheduled, we provided credit for those cancellations.  

Our goal was to reach a fair and equitable solution for everyone in light of the unusual nature of the storms.  If you have further questions you may contact the program CYS Services Director at each location.


Boy Scout Troop 379’s food drive scheduled for March 6th, has been rescheduled and moved up to this Saturday, February 27th.


Tickets are still available for the Black History Month observance.  It takes place Thursday at 11:30am at Club Meade.  Call the EEO office for info:  (301) 677-6298/3660/6687.




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