Meade Week, Aug. 30, 2010



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On this edition:  Cooper Ave. reopens, annual Pet Fair, Oktoberfest volunteers, Meade TV off-duty pick of the week and more!


September 1, 2010 :

DFMWR facility Labor Day weekend hours:

DFMWR Labor Day Holiday Hours of Operation

Activity                       3-Sep         4-Sep            5-Sep              6-Sep 

                                     Friday          Saturday      Sunday       Monday

Admin Office     730am-4pm    Closed          Closed         Closed

Army Lodging  24-7                        24-7             24-7            24-7 

ACS                      730am – 4pm   Closed           Closed         Closed 

Arts & Crafts     9am -5pm       9am – 5pm     Closed         Closed     

Auto Skills         1pm – 9pm    9am – 5pm       Closed         Closed

Bowling Ctr       7am – 11pm  9am – 11pm     9m – 6pm   12pm – 6pm     

Club Meade       8am – 5pm       Closed        10am -2pm    Closed 

CYSS Admin    Closed**            Closed            Closed          Closed 

School Liaison Closed               Closed            Closed          Closed 

Family Child Care   Closed      Closed             Closed          Closed 

Central Registration Closed   Closed             Closed          Closed 

 CDC’s/SAC/Middle   Closed   Closed             Closed          Closed 

CYSS Open Rec     Closed         Closed             Closed          Closed 

 Teen Center          Closed         Closed             Closed          Closed 

CYSS Sports          Closed         Closed             Closed          Closed 

Gaffney       5am – 830pm  9am – 5pm     9am – 5pm   9am – 5pm

Murphy      5am – 9pm             Closed             Closed          Closed 

Golf Course  7am – 6pm    7am – 6pm     7am – 6pm    7am – 6pm

Leisure Travel Services

                          9am – 6pm   9am – 12pm         Closed           Closed  

Library         11am – 6pm  10am – 2pm         Closed           Closed  

Rock Ave. Pool***  

                        1pm – 8pm      11am – 7pm    11am – 7pm   11am – 7pm

Outdoor Rec   

                        9am – 530pm  9am – 5pm    9am – 5pm         Closed  

Pet Care       9am – 530pm   9am – 5pm   3pm – 6pm         Closed  

*Will reopen on Wednesday, 8 Sep 10                        

**All CYS Services are closed on Friday for In-Service Training              

***Will close for the season at 1900 on 7 Sep 10


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