Meade Week, May 20, 2011

Scroll Down for futher important announcements:


On this edition:  Maryland honors Colonel Thomas, VA secretary visits, CYSS hourly child care, checking in with the USO and more!


The Installation Safety Office will kick off the 101 critical days of summer safety campaign with a Safety Stand Down on Wednesday, June 1st from 10 am to 1 pm at McGill Training Center. This campaign, which runs from Memorial Day until Labor Day, helps raise awareness about the possible mishaps that can happen during the summer months.  


The purpose of the Event is to provide resources that will promote the safety, health and quality of life for the FGGM Community through an exhibition of information and services. The services that will be on hand will prove to be invaluable to the Fort Meade community. Supervisors are encouraged to make the event a place of duty for a portion of the day.


Some of the vendors and services being offered include:  Blood pressure and eye exams, alcohol and drug control, driver safety, motorcycle safety information, home fire prevention safety and additional health and wellness topics.  


For more information on this event contact George Lawler at 301 677-7508.


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